First, the enterprise develops the status
  In the scenery beautiful Yandangshan foothill, the country machine electrical department fixed-point production middle and small scale hydraulic turbine specialized factory, is the China generating set profession association and the water and electricity equipment professional association member unit's Yueching machine shop.
  The Yueching machine shop is the system of ownership by the whole people enterprise, puts up a factory in October, 1956 to the present had 48 years history, in the Yueching city industrial and commercial administration bureau registration registration, the address in Yueching city Le Chengzhen city west road 55, mainly produced the hydraulic turbine, had slanting strikes the type, the water basket type, the interflow type, half throughflow and so on four big kinds, more than 190 varieties specifications. Product best-selling domestic and foreign each place. The enterprise has the total property 46.03 million Yuan, fixed asset original value 16.02 million Yuan, registered capital 4.25 million Yuan, workshop area 44 Chinese acres, workshop floor space 22,000 square meters, staff 352 people, above universities and technical institutes years of schooling 47 people, senior engineer 5 people, intermediate title specialized technical personnel 7 people, primary title specialized technical personnel 28 people. Enterprise year productivity 700, the output value ultra more than 70 million Yuan, the Yueching city level key state-owned enterprise creates the profits and taxes advanced enterprise.
Second, "the dragon is low-lying" the trademark product main economic indicator
  "The long qiou " the hydraulic turbine to participate successively in 1981 the international small water and electricity exposition which conducted in Hangzhou, in 1984 the international fair which conducted in Canada and in 1987 organizes in our country machine electrical department to go to the Indonesian exposition, in addition also many times attended the Guangzhou export commodities fair, deeply the Chinese and foreign customer high praise and the welcome, strengthened enterprise's well-knownness. The product covers each place: Province and so on Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan, Hainan, Yunnan, Anhui, Guizhou, Tibet, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Xinjiang, enters the far away mountainous area, and started in 1981 to export, 53 hydraulic turbines sold in distant markets successively to US, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Ecuador, Nepal and so on several countries, bought in the domestic and foreign markets slanting strikes the type hydraulic turbine "to look for the dragon to be low-lying" the sign trademark mutual recognition. In the water and electricity profession, the Yueching machine shop produces slanting strikes the type hydraulic turbine, well-knownness quite is big, and obtains the same profession customer the high praise。
Third、“The long qiou”Trademark product quality and market xing yu du
  In the 90's initial period, the enterprise proposed "strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the quality, thought the user thought, does according to the user, guarantees quality satisfaction leaves the plant" the quality policy, in the practice production process, the enterprise regards the product quality is the life, in the management management, the interior digs in the potential to make an all-out effort, the product achieves the quality to guarantee, rank distinct, does not cheat on labor and materials, the product quality examines the central organization by the ministry of mechanized industry middle and small scale water power plant product quality surveillance non-periodically to come the factory product spotcheck, the spotcheck result "the dragon to be low-lying" the trademark hydraulic turbine qualified rate to achieve 92.96%. For many years never has occurred returns goods and the foreign merchant sues for damages the event, the enterprise has the good prestige and the strict product quality causes the enterprise to in an impregnable position, maintenance health stable development.
Fourth, "The long qiou " the trademark registration, the use and the propaganda situation
  “The long qiou”The trademark registration in February 20, 1987, used for the first kind of hydraulic turbine, on May 7, 1997 Japan economy (stock) the country industrial and commercial administration bureau, the trademark bureau approved to change the trademark registration person name, by original local state operated, changed for the Yueching machine shop checking use for the seventh kind of hydraulic turbine and the hydraulic turbine fitting. In order to unify the enterprise vivid trademark propaganda, the enterprise invests the massive advertisements every year, the advertisement shoe screen widespread, invests the advertisement, the propaganda expense every year achieved 150000, "the dragon is low-lying" the trademark further to enhance the trademark well-knownness in the national water and electricity profession. "The dragon is low-lying" the trademark registration product hydraulic turbine to evaluate the green product and the environmental protection product many times, the enterprise has taken the trademark management extremely since 1987, the registration management, continues unfolds, work and so on Uygur power, draws up the enterprise trademark control system specially, manages by the factory is responsible, the be established trademark management leading group, is responsible by deputy plant chief to manage group group leaders. In order to protect own intellectual property rights and the rights and interests, protects the enterprise benefit, had prevented pretends the right infringement event the occurrence.